The DigiHoist platform has been designed from the ground up to be fully upgradable.

DigiHoist offers digital communications, limit monitoring, load and position feedback and group halt functionality in a compact package.

At the core of the system is a digital communications link that enables multiple units to be daisy chained together. The units will automatically assign channels according to their position in the daisy chain. The high resolution displays offer comprehensive channel feedback including channel number, status and load cell information.

The digital link incorporates SIL2 emergency stop connections which eliminate the need for shorting plugs in the system. Safety features include hoist presence indication, limit monitoring, and group halting on fault conditions.*
*Not all features are available on Direct Control versions.


  • 8 channel capacity
  • Link up to 12 units together (96 channels)
  • Low Voltage and Direct Control versions available
  • Hoist presence and limit detection (low voltage units only). Individual channel feedback
  • Self-healing emergency stop connections
  • 8, 16 and 32 channel handheld remotes
  • Local controls on the front panel
  • Automatic phase reversal correction, with user override facility (override on LV units only)
  • Universal voltage input for worldwide use
  • Permanent and switched hoist power modes for use with 'pickles' (LV units only)
  • Output options include industry standard Socapex & Harting connections
  • 'GO' link to allow multiple units to be controlled from a single go button
  • Miniature circuit breaker (MCB) protection for each pair of hoists
  • Optional RCD protection available
  • LibraCELL input

Mains Input

  • 5-pin 32A Red 'Ceeform' type plug to IEC60309

Control Connections

  • Amphenol C16-3 Link In Male 14 + PE
  • Amphenol C16-3 Link Out Female 14 + PE


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