Elevation 24

Elevation 24 offers unparalleled levels of functionality and connectivity in a 24 channel positioning controller.

Universal output connections allow easy interfacing with power distribution such as the Elevation Power 8 and flexible encoder connections permit both pulse and incremental encoders to be used with the system.

A wide range of control methods ensure that interfacing to external control systems is incredibly straightforward. As well as Ethernet and RS485 connections to Kinesys control software and handsets the Elevation 24 will also accept DMX, MIDI show control and closed contacts to allow it to be triggered in conjunction with other aspects of complex shows. Safety is ensured by the use of 'dead man's handles' that must be pressed and held during the entire execution of remotely triggered moves.

A full menu system allows the Elevation 24 to be used as a stand-alone intelligent controller, with cues programmed, stored and replayed directly from the front panel. The Elevation 24 can record cues sent from an attached computer allowing very rapid programming. Cues can also be created offline if required.

Load cells can be monitored via a dedicated communications network to add another aspect to the safety monitoring system, which allows groups of hoists to be shut down if an overload or encoder fault is detected.

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  • Manual controls for local operation of hoists with or without encoders
  • Intuitive menu system for rapid hoist setup and cue programming
  • Fully compatible with Kinesys Vector control software
  • Operation possible with or without an attached PC
  • Universal mains input voltage for use worldwide without adjustment
  • Compact 3U 19" footprint


Mains Input

  • Neutrik Powercon

Control Connections

  • Remote GO input
  • Link Output
  • 10/100-baseT Ethercon for connection to Vector
  • RS485 control compatible with Rigger controller (XLR7-pin)
  • 5-pin XLR input and through output for DMX-512 control


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