LibraRIG allows a LibraCELL 4.75 T shackle to be connected with a 3.25 T bow shackle

LibraRIG is a lifting accessory, designed and manufactured by Kinesys to connect a 4.75TE LibraCELL shackle to a 3.25 standard bow shackle.

Using LibraRIG the LibraCELLs do not have to be disassembled during load in/load out.
LibraRIG can travel on the LibraCELL and loses less “hook height” than an O Ring, saving time and increasing the efficiency of the rigging process at each venue.

LibraRIG is not designed for lifting people.

Further Information


  • 0.91in (23mm) hole for LibraCELL 4.75TE load pin
  • 0.79in (20mm) hole for 3.25TE bow shackle pin
  • SWL 3.25TE


  • Made in steel with zinc clear passivated finish
  • Safety factor 5:1
  • Measures: 3.94in x 1.81in x 0.98/1.18in (100mm x 46mm x 25/30mm)

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