Velocity offers advanced control of all ac servo and induction motors.

The unit incorporates its own position controller allowing it to operate stand-alone or as part of a larger networked system. Velocity offers unique features and performance in a very compact package. Velocity offers capacities from 0.5 to 7.5hp (208v) in a 4U 19-inch rack-mount package, and up to 50hp in a flightcase. All sizes share the same controls and user interface.

In most applications Velocity offers a complete solution without the need for external 'regen' units or 'braking resistors'. Velocity incorporates a bright display which provides detailed diagnostic information and performance feedback. All drive and interface parameters may be accessed through the display and soft keys, or via an RS232 PC interface. Software patching of limits and general inputs and outputs allows the drive to be configured to each individual application. All Kinesys drives include local manual controls allowing for very quick and intuitive control if required.

Further Information


  • Configurable for open and closed loop operation of ac induction motors and brushless servo motors
  • Integral position controller and PLC creates a self-contained motion control system
  • Multiple control options from manual controls and pendants to a fully featured computer interface
  • Compact design without sacrificing high power output options
  • Rugged case design for physically demanding touring environments


Mains Input

  • Harting / EPIC type 6-pole 32A connector (to 7.5hp)
  • 'Ceeform' / PowerCON for larger sizes (US)

Control Connectors

  • 16-pin AMP CPC type connectors for 24v DC control of power contactor


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